pizza shops to population ratio

anybody got an idea about ratio got atown that has 25k adn 7 pizzerias and 6 other gas station pizza

then there is a town that has 19k and only 5 shops

20K population here with 6 pizza shops (just had a PM close), not sure how many gas stations serving it.

Wait, whats the question?

I think he wants to know what the average ratio is. I’ve seen several numbers, so I’m curious too.

I’d also like to know how to figure out my market share. If there are 10K unique addresses in my town, how much does each spend on pizza?

Search for a fallen comrade jrokk messages/threads - believe he used a $17/month/address but can’t really recall…

My hometown has 7,000 people and 4 pizza operations.

We have a pop. of 45,000 with 35 pizza shops in the same area.

That was of yesterday, there may have been several more pizza shops that started up overnight. I’ve had three open within a 10 block radius of me in the last four months alone.