Pizza shows

Has anyone ever heard of a pizza show in Canada? I would be more interested in BC, im in the Vancouver area, or how about Washington?

I would be interested as well. I have gone to the food shows set up by my suppliers but they are not directed toward the pizza industry.

exactly, I have gone to vendor shows, but the are for the food industry and not pizza in general. It seems like the ones in the states are a great place to go!! I want one here! Sniff :wink:

Hop a cheap flight from Bellingham and go to a show that will rock your world…Get ready…It is a little overwhelming if you are not expecting it…


Viva Las Vegas!!! See ya there!!!

Make sure you have your passport. It is a 6 week wait here in Alberta and you can’t fly in without one.
I want one here in Canada but am resigned to the fact their just aren’t enough of us here to attract one.

Hey maybe PMQ Canada could work with some of us Indys and get one going.

Perhaps “Canadian Pizza Magazine” can put together a show…But Vegas is much more appealling to me that almost any Canadian city in early March…RCS…

I am not familiar with shows in Canada.
They have been good for me, mainly to be around the people that have done or doing what you want to do in your pizzaeria.
I have found the show to be a good time because they are away from their daily rountines and can help you there.
The Pizza Cruise would have been great, it is now, there is a show in NY the first of March, details are on the PMQ home page,