pizza size display

Does anyone know where I might get displays of different sizes of pizza to mount on the wall?

Just use aluminium pizza trays. Ours are in the 3 sizes we do painted red against awhite tile background.

Great idea and it sounds like it looks decent.

I would use pizza boxes to display the sizes. I’ve always thought they look more impressive as far as size goes to screens or trays.

Ive even seen the cardboard circles put on the wall to show the different pizza sizes, as well as screens/pans. I’ve even seen circles cut out of signboard (like particle board but has a very smooth side), painted to contrast with the wall color, and then the size was printed on the surface, such as Small/12-inch; Medium/14-inch; Large/16-inch, etc., you could also add the number of people the size will serve.
Tom Lehmann.The Dough Doctor

Isn’t that what the corporate pizza joints do as a reminder to their customers that they eat the box as well and can’t taste the difference ??? :smiley:


I find that the general public is clueless when it comes to size. I sell a large 16" and the others sell a large 14". If a customer comes into your place, showing the difference between your large 16" and the others large 14" is worthless.

To show the customers the difference in your sizes is a different story. The contrast is also a factor. If you show a 12" next to a 16", the customer can visualize it. But a 14" next to a 16", they will choose the cheaper 14".

Just my experience


PT: The killer is not so much when they come into your store, but when they call and ask for the price. If your large is a 16-inch and someone elses large is a 14-inch, your quoted cost will be higher because it is nearly 1/3 larger, so you will need to be sure that all of your people address questions like this by saying: Our large pizza is a 16-inch, which is 1/3 larger than a 14-inch large, and the price is $XXXXX. You can do something like this with your wall display too where you might show a circle representing your 16-inch large pizza and on the circle also print: 1/3 or (33%) larger than a 14-inch large size. Then show the price under that.
Just some ideas.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I agree Tom. I have been putting some serious thought about calling mu 16" extra large and 14" large due to everyone else. I am old school and I can’t bring myself to call a 16" extra large. I would feel like I’m deceiving my customers. I guess it’s just a mind thing I need to get over.