Pizza sizes?

What sizes are you guys going with? I am planning on a dine-in/delco with a bigger push towards the dine-in. I was originally planning on going with a 12" med and a 16" large and offer slices durning lunch, but have been thinking about going with a 10" and 16" instead. My thoughts behind this is because the delco i currently work at, 90% of our business is larges, very few med ever get ordered. I figured that since I am really wanting to push dine-in with the palce i am opening, a smaller 10" option might lead to possible higher ticket prices, since a family will most likely order a large anyway but when groups of friends or two tops come in this would open the door to the selling multible small pizzas to that table. What do you guys think?

We do 12" and 14" in both our hand-tossed and our deep dish styles. We had originally considered doing a slice at lunch, but opted to use a 8" hand-tossed instead. Easier to work, more profit, no waste.

Deacon, have the 8" sold well for you? I guess I should have stated, in my area the typical sizes of competitors is 12" med 16" large and most offer slices for either part or all of the day… I want to keep things simple and offer only two sizes, but 12" just seems like a waste to me… Too large/expensive for one but for groups too close in price to the large so the 12" gets over looked so have been thinking about if a small and a large would work better, and if anyone else has done something similar?

It is nice to keep things simple…But if you do, you may not please everyone…Best to have whatever sizes your clients want…

the customer is always right, but going back to my experience here where it is 90% large vs 10% med from my experience in this area makes me feel there could be a better combination that would appeal to more clients… or is that the percentage breakdown most of you end up having as well?

What are the pizza diameters served by the other pizzerias in your area? A common problem can arise if you offer a larger diameter than your customers are used to. It goes like this:
Phone customer: How much are your pizzas? (he’s fishing)
Your store: $8.00 for a small and $12.00 for a large.
Customer: Thank you. (no order)
Problem: Your large is 18-inches and everyone else has a 16-inch large, at less money. Yours is the most expensive, hence, no order.
You can address this by always stating and publishing the diameter of your pizzas, even advertising that you’re the “big guy” in town. We have a place here that promotes themselves as The Big Asx pizza.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Yep, the 8" is an extremely popular choice at lunch. We’re able to sell them at $4.50 for a cheese, then of course are more than happy to add in the toppings. Our slice was going to go out at $3.00 so as you can see, for the same amount of effort, we’re automatically ringing in higher totals. Same prep time, no waste.

We’ve taken to doing a lunch “special” on Tuesdays with our 8", a salad and a drink at one price. It’s bumped our Tuesday lunch covers up quite nicely.