Pizza Skins on Rack

We rack pizza skins during busy times. We sauce and top to order. Why do the pizza skins not rise as well as a fresh made skin? Even after as little as 15 minutes, I start to see the impact. Our recipe is All Trumps, hydration, Sugar and Salt.

Just about every pizza we sell is a pre skin. I have found the key is to have a slightly under proofed dough to begin with. We do not pre sauce though. We can easily get a great rise with pre skins up to 2 hours old.

Richard, not sure what your process is but this is how we do it. When we make our dough we do an edge / crust lock, then do a slight edge stretch, before docking it then slapping it out. We found by racking it just after docking, but before actually slapping out, they would last 45+ minutes without any quality degradation. This still saved us the majority of the time, as the former tasks were 2/3s of the time, while keeping fresh longer.

So before every rush we put up a rack, then replenish it as we recover, until we get into the later part of the evening.

I would echo an earlier post. Sounds like your dough is maybe a little over proofed as it is. We get an even better rise out of skins that have warmed up a bit on the rack.