Pizza Slice Cutting Guide

anyone can send me an artwork pizza cutting guide? thanks

please be more specific, San Jamar makes lots of cutting guides, I am not sure what artwork guides are.

a guide showing my new employees how to cut 9", 12" 16" pizza

San Jamar has cutting boards with grooves, Pizza Tools makes a circular cutting blades, and dough pro makes a metal cutting guide…
they all work, all a little differently, I use the Equalizer from Pizza Tools,


the cut table is one of the most improtant in the store - its the last chance to quality check the pizza before it leaves the kitchen/store and as such its vital that you have someone with experience at this position.

If you really need diagrams to show them how to cut a pizza then (in my opinion) you’ve got the wrong person on this position.

Show and tell then guided practice is the best way to train your people. Show them how you want pizzas cut, it’s not that hard to cut a pie. Keep it simple. Cut your small in six slices and your medium and large into 8 slices. The big 3 have done lots of research and found that most people want large pizzas sliced into 8 slices. Show them how you want your pizzas cut, do it with them. Let them do it while you keep an eye on them, if they don’t do it right, coach them. Recognize them when they do it right! Proper training is one of the corner stones to a successful restaurant

thanks, daddio

this is exactly what i’m looking for. i do understand to have the best person at the cutting table. this guide is just for training purpose and reminder.

thanks everyone for ur input

i’m operating a pizza delco in china called NYPD(new york pizza delivery. just open 1 month ago. doing new york style pizza .

good advice there, 6 slices on the smaller and 8 on the larger

equal size slices are better but not critical if you are not doing slices,
if going slices, I use the Pizza Tool’s Equalizer to get equal size slices.
Mine is 6 cuts and can do up to 20" pizzas with it…we do the 14" 6 ways for slices and double up on the 20" to yeild 12, pretty equal slices, not critical for being equal since the customer is getting the whole pie.

If they want really large slices in the 20", we cut into 8, and for smaller slices on the 14" we do 8 also…
hope that helps,


not critical??? tell that to the person who gets the smallest slice when your sharing.

Every slice should be the same - it shows that you took the same care cutting it as you did making it. Does a barber cust your hair the same length, your garden cut the grass the same length - the carpenter cut your fense posts the same length - CUT EVERY SLICE THE SAME!!!

We aim to get every slice close to the same as we can. the fact that we are not exact every time is part of what tells our customers that we are doing it by hand, and not by a machine. We are pretty cloese, but once or twice last year, I cut a nine slice pizza. Damnedest thing. Customers both thought it was magical that we knew how to do that. They were all about the same size, too.

Did you charge more for the extra slice of pizza?

Gotta think about that . . . . charge by the cut like the lumber yards do . . .

No, but not missing a step, one of the customers said they weren’t hungry enough to eat 9 slices of pizza, so stay with 8 next time. The other was splitting the pie three ways, and thought it sorta cool.

We are pretty cloese, but once or twice last year, I cut a nine slice pizza. Damnedest thing. Customers both thought it was magical that we knew how to do that. They were all about the same size, too.

I did it by accident the other week as well. Should have been cutting a ten piece but somehow I got distracted and cut the nine, all about the same size so I couldn’t turn it into a ten. As much as I tried later on I couldn’t get anywhere near what I had done by mistake.


In my pizza store days I had a driver that would cut a small 1/2" strip across the center of the pizza and then the wedges…Then while on deliveries he would extract the little strip for himself…Took years for us to catch on…RCS…