Pizza slices for dine in - What do you serve them on?

I’m looking for a cheap type of plate that can handle a slice as big as 1/8th of an 18" pizza. I don’t mind using paper plates when someone comes in for a slice, but it just seems so “not classy” to be bringing paper plates to a table before you bring them out an entire pizza.

What do you guys use?

We serve our footlong slices on 10" pizza trays with a checkered paper underneath. I used to use paper plates, then started adding the checkered paper, then wised up to how much paper plates cost!

It’s easy for cleanup as well.

Same here, in fact in our Pub, all the sandwiches are served on 10" pizza tins with a green & white checked deli paper ( We simply didn’t have the shelf room to stack all the sandwich plates we need to make it through a service so the lighter, thinner pie plates were the perfect solution.

Easy clean-up and once a month or so when it’s slow we’ll give them a quick burnish with a SOS pad.

Pizza plates are durable and inexpensive. Big plastic sandwich baskets are also very affordable and another colorful alternative.

Where do you guys suggesting getting 10" pizza trays?
I called a few equipment places around here and all they have is new, running around $3.50-$4.00 each.

Central Restaurant has 10" for $3.34 and if 9" will work for $2.69. Remember that this is a long term investment and not a disposable item. It’s going to cost a little upfront.

Just a side comment about packaging your food items. Two nights ago my daughter and I stopped at a new hotdog place in town. Ordered a couple of dogs and fries. The dogs were wrapped in a wax paper material that was then put in a paper rectangle shaped bowl/plate that had its own paper liner in it and then the whole thing was wrapped in foil. 4 layers of wrap. Talk about profit going out the door. Who sat down and said…this is how we will serve our dogs! :roll:

I’ve tried to find it in my files from when we opened up, but can’t seem to locate it right now. We paid $1.69 a pc for them 2 years ago on an Ebay dealer. I know I know…it’s like the $68.00 mixer bowl, but I did get that price though they seem to be much higher currently. I just tossed out what I thought was a mail-rag from too that had them close to that area. If you go to their website they’re in the $3.29 or so area, however, their catalog also had digital instant read thermos for $6.95 and nothing comes up on their site under “thermometer”…only if you add the “instant read” so I’m sure I’m just not asking the right questions to get to their super deals.