Pizza smoothie sauce recipes

I used to make my pizza sauce with 3 can of alta cucina plum tomatoes and 1 can super dolce with half can cold water.
Does any one recommend another idea for a smoothie sauce without using a blender.
I just opened my restaurant.
Waiting for your recommendation.

Your sauce sounds awesome…you really care about quality using Alta Cucina and Super Dolce, why do you want to change?

Saporito, Full Red, Super Dolce are all tomato pastes of varying thickness that need to be reconstituted. Any of those will give you a smoother sauce than using a ground tomato product

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How many can of water should I add because i don’t like to add too much water to my sauce.

i think Tomato Magic is what you are looking for but I would just call Stanislaus. You are paying for the support, so use it for whatever you need. Get the answer from the experts.

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It depends on what tomato product you buy.

Tomato magic are ground tomatoes without the skin, ground tomatoes are chunky not smooth.

Are you asking for a version of of Alta Cucinas that is already broken down for you? So you dont have to use your blender?