I spoke to Patrick a couple of years ago as we were starting to think about getting a new POS. We are currently using Rapid Fire that we purchased 10 years ago with not a single update since then. Anyways, his software seemed nice, it was very affordable, and he was a straight forward guy but we just weren’t ready to make a change. Now, we are strongly considering a change next year and I tried to reach out to Patrick but I’m having trouble getting ahold of him. His website is still active www pizzasoftware com and I found some new stuff posted on Pinterest but his personal cell phone number is no longer active.

  1. Has anyone ever heard of this guy or had any dealings with him?
  2. Does anyone know his current status?
  3. Last, The thing that most concerns us is the age and condition of the current computers running Rapid Fire. Can I buy three new CPUs and have everything copied over without having to have tech support do a whole new install?



Hello yes I have heard about him and his software. I would love to get ahold of him to purchase this software for our franchise or even get a good copy of the install disks for rapid fire.

Have you tried the info in here?