Any one use these guys?
I think the idea is shared marketing with a local company. Its free to the pizza shop!

anyone? Bueller, Bueller,Bueller,?

Not familiar with that outfit, but used to do magnets for a similar one…They used “high pressure” sales tactics to find “partners”…I have not heard from them in years so I assume they ran out of advertisers…Now I get the odd order from pizzerias that have found their own advertisers…Not sure how they split the cost…

I’m giving them a shot. Why not? It’s free.

These guy’s are brilliant. They have really found the perfect way to bring local business’s into the spotlight, giving them a chance to be featured along side outstanding pizzerias. Pizza places get them for free and have nothing to lose, while the business owner has new customers to gain with every order. All this being done without disrupting each others market. I’m excited to see what the future holds for

Mr. Advertiser