Pizza Special

I know most everyone is opposed to running coupons or doing xx off on specials as I am but I want to run a special featuring a speciality pizza of the week/month to get people to try them. Would you suggest taking xx off the price for that time period or offering something free if they buy it?

Whenever I roll out a new signature pizza, I usually use free add ons for the incentive. Sample (or less) cost to you as money off, better value perception for the customer.

Gourmet Gift Pack: Buy a large “new pizza” and we’ll throw in FREE breadsticks and two FREE drinks just for being one of the 1st to try it.

Also, guaranteeing the product (love it or your money back) helps to encourage people to try it. If a guarantee doesn’t work for you and you offer a personal-size pizza, then the other option I’ve used is this:

Super Sampler: Buy any large or extra large pizza at the regular menu price, and we’ll throw in a FREE small “new pizza” for you to try. NO RISK for you - we’d just know you’ll love it once you taste it!

I think Brad has it right. Bundle the special with something else all for one money. For example, order our special pizza and get a free order of our cheese breadsticks, or a free soft drink. That order of breadsticks might have a menu price of $2.50, so in essence, the customer is getting a $2.50 price break by trying your special pizza, but your cost is probably actually less than $0.50, plus, your customers don’t lose preception of the true value of your pizzas.
I also like to “chum the waters” a little too by making the special the week before it is offered, and giving out free sample slices, at randon times during the day, saying that this is a sample of next weeks special, be sure to stop in ant time next week to purchase one, it will only be available for a limited time. I like to add specials during the slower times to “spice things up”, or offer them only on the slowest day of the week to help even out sales for the week.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

If you do a lunch/dinner/any buffet, that’s a great time to slip a few of your creations out. There is no risk for your customers and you can get immediate feedback.