Pizza sticking to boxes... how do i stop this?

It’s come to my attention that my pizza’s are sticking to the cardboard boxes i put them all in… I’ve noticed that places towards the city put a load of corn meal in the boxes before they lay the pizza’s in and cut.

Does the corn meal dry the bottom out more so no sticking occures?

Thanks for all the help!

Integraoligist, I don’t have that problem now, but I do remember back in the day with Domino’s, we had pan pizzas. They never really stuck to the boxes but they were always pretty greasy and the grease soaked right into the box. They decided to use corrugated cardboard “pan liners” to keep that from happening. Maybe that will help? I dunno. Good luck. - J_r0kk

We use the wax paper liners they are cheap and keep the oils from seeping through. I dont know how they would work with pizzas that are really greasy though but its worth a try.

I’ve used a piece of parchment paper in the bottom of the box and this works well, or you can use a pizza circle with the white side towards the pizza. I’ve also seen boxes that were special ordered with a way or wax like coating just on the inside bottom of the box and this worked very well. One complaint that I have with just putting the pizza into the box is that if the pizza spends much time there it can begin to take on the taste of the box, this is especially so if the pizza is in the box long enough to begin sticking due to moisture getting down into the cardboard, so you might actually have two problems going for you, but any of the above actions will help to correct the problem.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Dcotor