Pizza Sticking to screens

I am having a problem with pizzas sticking to the screens when taking them out of the oven. Would love some input on different ways to season the screens.

You can just spray them with pan spray and bake in the oven for 20 minutes. Always worked for me.

We brush with liquid margarine, bake for 20 minutes, brush a second time and bake a second time. We never use detergent again after that.

We heavily oil new ones and put through our MM> When they come out we oil them again and put through two more times.

When doing it make sure that you have all doors and windows (If you have any) open as it smokes the place up really bad.

Periodically we either lightly spray or lightly wipe over with an oiled rag.

I have found sometimes we get bases sticking to the screen area (not the edge) and find nearly every time it is caused by sauce seeping through minute holes in the base where the docker wheel was pushed down too hard and baking to the screen.