Pizza Stores for sale

I have not posted this for a while. In the past I have posted the stores for sale with real estate. It seems I am having a hard time finding buyers with enough $$ to pull off both the business purchase AND the real estate at the same time.

The two stores run as a combined business. They are located about a mile apart from each other.

One is a delco doing pretty high volume. It has been open under my ownership for over 9 years. Being a tourist market (ski town) we have high and low season. Our top high-season numbers at this location were 66K per month this past winter. There is a stacked pair of MM ovens with 40" wide belts capable of 100+ pie hours. Plenty of walk-in space and storage. All equipment in place. 6 station touch-screen POS. Average ticket is in the mid 30s.

The second location is a seasonal slice location in the ski resort base area. This location has been in business for about 15 years. I have owned it for the last 9 winters. It does about 40K per month during the season. It has a triple stack of Lincoln impingers. It does that volume being open from 10AM to 4PM only.

If you are seriously interested and have $$ I would be happy to talk to you. All financial records are transparent and will match the tax returns and bank records. This is a very profitable, established business. Owner’s cash flow is about 150K.

I own the real estate in both locations. I am willing to sell the business alone or with the real estate. If I sell the business alone, I am willing to negotiate a new long term lease at market rates.