Pizza supplies in Reno Nevada

We are preparing for a move to Reno to open a small NY style pizzeria that will continue my work with employing people with disabilities. I have done some google searches and can’t find any wholesale delivery companies in Reno that could supply me with grande cheese, GM bromated flour, 7/11 tomatoes, and other common pizzeria supplies. I grew up in the NYC/NJ pizza scene and want to continue to make pizzas like I grew up learning. I know bromated flour is illegal in CA. I emailed General Mills to see if Full Strength and All Trumps are available in NV bromated. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Walter

With a business model based on helping people with disabilities, it seems odd that you would choose to use a chemical banned in most countries for being a known carcinogen… None of my business, I know, and I’m not really bringing anything important to this thread at all, but I had to say it I guess.

Thank you for the reply but it is of no help to my question. This will be an authentic NY pizzeria like I run now in OH using all the ingredients/ovens that turn out the best NY pies and has been used by thousands of the best pizzarias, bakeries/bagel shops around the NYC area/the county and that includes bromated flour. Walter

Saladinos, great prices and service. I don’t know if they carry grande cheese or bromated flower.
I’m in the Reno area, Incline Village. Used to use Roma, U.S foods, Sysco. C and M foods for dry goods.
Those two companies will save you a lot.

John: Thanks so much for that info. I currently use sysco as one of our suppliers. They don’t carry grande cheese here in OH but do carry full strength/all trumps and 7/11. Do you know if the sysco delivery for Reno comes from CA or NV? thanks. Walter

CA,i used sysco for many years. I’ve saved so much when i dropped them for Salidinos- huge savings, i like what your doing and would be glad to help steer you in the right direction. john 775-831-2825

John: I sent you personal message or whatever it is called. Thanks. Walter