Pizza table flour filter?

I just spent a bunch of money on a new Randell pizza prep table. Replaced a decent Continental unit. I am wondering if anyone found out a way to filter flour out to extend the lifespan of their table? I was thinking about putting an air filter in the door that you use to access the refrigeration components. Has anyone tried anything that successfully keeps the flour out?

Never really thought about it, but using a filter like that, just like the ovens use for their fans, is actually a really good idea as long as it will still allow enough air flow

Here’s a solution along those lines I’ve seen recently. We bought several used Randel prep tables from “Eat at Joes” restaurants. One of the units had a 1" thick piece of furnace filter cut the same size as the condenser, and held in place with long bamboo skewers. They jammed them in between the condenser fins and left enough stick out to penetrate the filter to hold it in place. Leaving an air gap of about an inch between the filter and the condenser in case the filter got clogged. This would trap most of the airborne flour going straight into the compartment door and prevent it from accumulating onto the condenser. We used these until we needed a service call on day because of the bamboo skewers. One of our employees had pushed the skewer too far thru the fins and it stopped the condenser fan blade from spinning. Our partially blind service guy had a HELL of a time determining what was wrong with the unit because he couldn’t see the skewer.

P.S. I LOVE RANDELL STUFF!! Holds up well against the crews carelessness.

True recommends not to use filters. Here’s there maintenance video.


Just had a service guy here today working on our unit and I had already purchased a reusable filter from HD (24x36) and cut into 6 12x12 pieces to use for the condenser. He attached it with a piece of zip tie that he cut about 4" off the end of it and bent in half (like a U) to run through the filter and into the fins to hold it in.

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