Pizza (Tax Evasion) Crime Does Not Pay

This is old news but I had not seen it before so I thought I would post it…

Interesting, never heard of it before, or the movie they referenced.

I am of the mindset that cheaters need to suffer the full wrath of the law. It puts those of us who operate within the rules at a disadvantage when cheaters get away with it.

I am in total agreement. I see bars here that run a POS on food, but only cash registers for drinks, and the sole reason is so they can skim more easily, it tweaks my beak to no end

Some day some where we will see a country eliminate currency and go completely digital…Singapore has talked about it but it has not happened yet…

In 2006, he declared only $388,957 in taxable income when in reality he had earned $551,858.

Not a bad year!!!

[I]Hastily cobbles together movie script for “Home Town Pizza” and sends it to Hollywood[/I]

We used to eat their pizza once in while back in the late 1970’s when I lived in Mystic while stationed at Groton Ct. I wasn’t around when business blew up after the movie.

THe dude got prison time