Pizza The Moive

Did anyone catch “Pizza The Movie” on the documentary channel last night? I saw most of it and PMQ was very much a part of the story. I thought it was OK but it seemed to focus primarily on the Dough spinning teams and competitions for them. I think it would have much better if they spent more time with different operators from all over the country. It is worth watching if you can find the channel.

Yep, U.S. Pizza Team V/S World Pizza Team. The movie takes you through their history, development, and competative nature. Keep in mind that the World Pizza Team is like a professional sports team, while the U.S. Pizza Team is like an olympic sports team, very good at what they do, but made of non-professional players (no insult intended) because they have new members on the team annually, they don’t have the total cohesive structure of a professional team that practices, plays, and competes together all the time. The U.S. Pizza Team allows the opportunity for some of our best independant guys/gals to go up against the best, and hopefully, have a good time doing it. It’s all in the spirit of competition, better to have competed and lost, than not to have competed at all.
My hat is off to all the member of both teams, they’re all great at what they do, and they focus a lot of attention on PIZZA, and that can’t be a bad thing for any of us.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor


The skills of those guys are amazing…I am sure you have seen the new commercial that has been running where it is the guy just spinning dough…I am guessing he must be a member of one of the teams…Do you know most of the guys…I thought I may have saw you in the movie…