Pizza Tonda Romana

I had some of the best pizza of my life in a small Vietnam town. Pizza Tonda Romana. Sort of like a Neopolitan without being soggy, but not really cracker. He showed me the kitchen and he was actually cooking his pizzas for about two minutes on a rotating pita bread oven. He said that it was all he could afford when he started. He wouldn’t give me a dough recipe. Looking at where to start with a dough recipe. I have tried Chicago thin crust dough recipe, but that didn’t work at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I make this same style all the time it’s my favorite. I just 00 Caputo the blue bag, idy sea salt and a 62 percent hydration. I cold ferment for 48 hours the roll them thin and round. They come light airy and crispy.