Pizza topping decorations

Has anyone heard of this company? Anyone used the product? My salesperson recently came in and offered this for our purchase and use. I think it is pretty neat.

Saw that in the new issue of pmq… Looks disturbing…

Im curious as to why that would be disturbing?

The last thing I want to see on my pizza is a picture of spongebob, or any graphics for that matter. I dunno, just seems corny and unappetizing to me.

I understand Stevo. Pizza is our art, and spongebob does not fly well in that regard.

On the business side, if marketed properly, this could result in a new type of customer. It could certainly increase frequency/exposure…

IMHO it looks like a gimmick that will run its course quickly. There are better ways to get more customers then this.

A new type of customer? You mean one that would only order from you if it had a graphic on it?

Some days I see 15 custom printed cakes at the local bakery…Not my cup of tea, however, I think there is a market for it…

Just my opinion Stevo.

Actually we had a product demonstration with our food rep about a month ago. We just ordered a case of 12 to give it a try. We are only trying a “Happy Birthday” design at this time. We thought it might sell well for birthday parties and for those customers who want us to spell happy birthday with Pepperoni. We sent out recent e-mail to customers advertising it and got some interest in it – so we’ll see where it goes from here. Not much of an initial investment…so who knows?