pizza toppings

i am opening my pizza place soon i want to know if ican use the pizza toping combination that some popular pizza places have will i get in trouble for doing that ?

just make up your own names for the combinations as some of their names have copyrights.

Yeah you have too do exactly that. The combinations your competitor has, are the combinations your customers will initially be looking for.

There are some trademark names out there like Domino’s Pizza’s Extravaganza! I use the name the “ULTIMATE” to replace it.

But for the most part All Traditional Combinations have the same names, and can’t be trademarked, like I have the Deluxe, a Hawaiian, a Vegetarian, a Cheeseburger Pizza, a All meat, the Reuben Pizza, the Margherita, the Garlic Chicken, and the BBQ Chicken.

But there are some combinations that are not so traditional, that you might wanna make up a new name for just in case.

ty you both great help

I freely admit to trolling pizza menus looking for new ideas I can coppt for our place. We tend to look at places a long distance away when we travel, but anyone’s pizza is fair game for my menu . . . becasue I will find a way to improve it for my market :smiley: AS long as I don’t steal a name with a trademark seal on it, I am wide open. I haven’t taken much of any from anyone yet . . . but I keep looking.

I’d even steal some of Aussie Dave’s, but I can’t figure out his Pythagorean menu :shock:

ty nicks i am looking for a certain type of oven an oven that cook my pizza on an open element what i mean by that you know how the electric deck oven is with the element under the stone to heat the stone up and then you put your pizza on the top of the stone what i am looking for is an oven like home oven with electric element are not covered so i can cook my pizza on a wire shelf directly i tried that at home and find it to be the best way to bake pizza ty