Pizza topples during delivery

Hi i’ve just started a pizzeria, and because of bad road conditions/potholes/etc my pizza slices topple on one another during delivery. we use motor bikes with a hot box in the back. The pizzas are thin crust and very light, so there’s alot of room in the pizza box. Any solutions to help keep the slices together?

thank you

Get a serrated pizza cutter or don’t cut all the way through the outer crust. The customer will have to tear it apart, but at least it might not be a mess when they open the box.

Here’s a serrated pizza cutter. I’ve never used one so I don’t know how well they work.

Brad Randall. I can’t beleive anyone would post a reply to a post with THAT PICTURE on the post. Is that a picture of you? Have a good one Brad, your ole buddy doughball

@ Brad: thanks for the info… will try it out this week

@ Paul: checked out the link, thanks!

Is there any chance of getting lower height boxes? A lower box height would help to keep the slices in place, while helping to keep them hot too.
Or, you might also consider looking at using something similar to what Pizza Hut uses to keep the box off of their pizzas, a pizza table. You might be able to have these made locally, at a very reasonable cost. The idea here is to have one leg of the table go into each slice, thus pinning it to the box, the top of the table would be just high enough to contact the top of the box when closed.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We use these with a great success. They only cost 4 cents each. Box suppliers or any pizza vendor would have them and I would expect with your volumes in the US vs Australia they would only be a couple of cents each.


I have delivered pizza for places who sell exclusively thin crust. I have never had a problem with toppling pizza pieces. But I delivered in a SUV and a car with a hatchback where the trunk was a flat surface. Maybe you could re consider the motor bike issue.