Pizza Trailer

Mobile food operations have become a big deal in our part of the world & I was wondering if any of the operators here on PMQ had any experience with Pizza trucks/trailers. We are open pretty late & I think we could do some decent additional business by opening up a slice operation out of a trailer near all the bars in town along with special events & near water attractions in the summer.

I have already checked up on the mobile food permits & the locations will not be a problem. I was looking to see if anyone had any experience building out a mobile kitchen that would be supported by our main store as the “commissary.” I am just now looking into cost, staffing ect. Any past experience or ideas would be of help.

Use some caution here. From 10pm to closing, most drunks in bars aren’t interested in eating.

Try directing your question to “Pizza Paul”. Paul used to have a pizza trailer for a number of years and he has a wealth of information on the concept.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Putting a small shop, or mobile unit near the bars can be great. I couldn’t do a mobile unit, so I opened a tiny spot in the bar area. It has worked out well. The after bar business is messy, but profitable

Not hijack the thread…Hi Otis! Got ya on my mind.

Perhaps you can search his posts…he owned a trailer and was quite successful. Passed away a few years ago.

If you click his name up on the moderater names Otis Gunn you can find his posts there.