pizza tray stands

was wondering if any of you use these?? was looking at purchasing them, but have never actually been anywhere that does use them. we thought they would be a attractive addition to our tables but was wondering how sturdy they were?? I’m visioning a pizza possibly in someones lap!!! can they get side heavy??? any input would be great!! thanks, Laura

We use them. So far we have not had any problem. We have two sizes, large and medium. It provides more space on the table.

thats why we were thinking they were a neat idea, there never seams to be enough room on a table for everything, so the idea seemed to be a good one, glad to know you haven’t had any problems with the sturdiness of them. thanks

I’ve got some pretty ones you may see on ebay soon. They did not support our pizza well enough - you get customers scooping slices all from one side, and then…sploosh. Pizza on the floor - luckily not burning a lap. This happened repeatedly, so we don’t use them at all now.

really??? I wonder if it depends on the specific design of them?? I’ve seen some pretty ones then I’ve seen just really basic looking ones. there a really good concept but if I’m going to have those type of problems I don’t want to deal with that.

I have 15 tables, have used them for the 18 months we have been in business and never had a problem with them holding pizza.

We HAVE, however, had spills where people stack their dishes on top of them and then that causes a spill! So, be careful of that!

which ones do you use?? what do they look like? thanks … 25.0.7.htm

I cannot attach a pic, but here is a link…
hope it helps!

The round ones are attractive. I was going to get them, but I ended up purchasing the square type. They are stackable. Fit nicely on shelves under the counter.

I put some stands out on the tables when we first opened. They looked great. But, I also use these very cool plastic serving trays that I love. Unfortunately, the two don’t mix. The trays just slide right off of the stands. After two pizzas on the floor in two days, the stands went bye-bye. But I still use the plastic trays. 8)

those are nice trays, I was just thinking of the stands because it creates more table space. so I will keep in mind that those trays and the stands don’t go together!!! thanks!!