Pizza Truck For Sale.....

I came across this in my travels…

Have you actually seen the truck or just the ad? I have been watching this guy for a while. Am thinking it might be a good truck for special events.

Richard I have never seen this truck…Just saw the ad on a recent trip to Vancouver…But in my mind a person could make as much with this truck and a good series of events versus a small volume delco which ties you down many more days of the year…

This guy started his price at 70k about a year ago. I talked to the people that he bought the truck from and they sell this unit for about 75K.

The oven in this unit is a bit small for the really big events (lallapolozza, edgefest, roadside attraction etc) but very good for more of the commonity fairs and festivals. I used to be in the mobile catering business and if you want the BIG events you have to be able to push out a huge volume of food at a time. It looks like it would be easy to upgrade the oven if you were looking at the really big events but if not you should be fine. If I rember right they called themselves “express pIzza” it looks like the same truck I looked at (online) a few years ago.

Village Pizza in Victoria has the same truck but with 2 ovens… Look under locations and No. 8 is the truck…

She’s one sweet ride!

Here is the manufacturer’s web site.

They say that they need about a five month lead time to do a custom job and wil build to your spec if you want to use your store to do the basic prep and only use the truck to cook and serve the pizza.

Just a word of caution: Before buying a concession type vehicle, be positive you can obtain locations at functions in your area.

We outfitted a couple of trailers a few years back and the buyers found they could not gain access to most of the functions within reasonable driving distance.

It appears that functions do not admit an unlimited number of concessioners and in many instances will not admit a number of concessioners featuring the same product. Also, those that have participated in an event in the past have first option to participate again.

Be positive you can get bookings before you buy a unit.

George Mills