.Pizza URL's You May Want To Look Into This ASAP

I don’t know too much about this but heard from a client of mine who happens to be a larger chain that as of last week you are now able to purchase .pizza url’s. So instead of [U]www.bobspizza.com[/U][/URL] you can purchase [URL=‘http://www.bobs.PIZZA’][U]www.bobs.PIZZA[/U]

I would imagine you would want to look into this asap before someone comes in from behind and buys a domain that you may help your business.

Again, I was not able to do any research just yet so I am not aware of any intricacies to this but wanted to let you all know what I heard

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i just checked out go daddy and yup you can get just about anything now besides .com…i searched .pizza and it also offered me .restaurant, .pub, .business, .bar, .club looks like the possibilities are endless now a days.

The price is out of line compared to the other .??? as much as 10 times more.

Niche domain, thus fewer people will want it. Equals higher base price. ICANN has been trying to develop these lower domains for about 10 years now.