Pizza Vending Machine

I’ve long been intrigued by if these pizza vending machines like 24-7 Pizza Box and Pizza ATM will work well and last in the market as something more than just a novelty. I met with 24-7 Pizza Box at the Pizza Expo last year in Vegas and liked the operation.

Will people like the product and will people continue to use these more than once to just say that they tried it?

Depending on your location, I think the best part of these could be used right in front of your own pizza shop to keep getting sales after you close up and even holidays when you’re closed without adding labor.

As fellow pizza owners and/or operators, what do you guys think of this and would you be willing to invest $30-60k to try one of these?

Depending on your location, I think the best part of these could be used right in front of your own pizza shop to keep getting sales after you close up and even holidays when you’re closed without adding labor.

As long as it’s my dough, my sauce, my toppings, I think that’s a great idea. Do you just load it with a variety of pizzas and the thing just cooks them and tosses them in a box? Need to go to Expo again, it’s been a few years. I have never paid this concept much mind, but if this attraction is coming to my town soon, I’d rather be the one bringing it.

Cleaning/maintenance/repair would give me pause, however.

Yes, they hold 3 different pizza options for customers to choose from. I’m definitely grabbing one and hope it doesn’t end up a sunk cost. If it works, I’ll buy more of them and put them in taverns (bars without food), food courts, office buildings, factories, etc. If not, I’ll have a novelty item for décor purposes in my place I guess!

Wow… I’m gettin’ old…

I noticed the one in Xavier is indoors, can they be placed outdoors, built into the side of the building like an actual ATM? I would assume so otherwise that wouldnt work for after hours pizza sales.

I hate to rain on the parade but this will just dumb pizza down a few more notches. Profit over art seems to be the ever growing norm in our society. Walter

You’re not raining on anybody’s parade. Last I checked you don’t pay my mortgage or raise my kids so I don’t care what you think. I know if we’re not all doing business the exact same way as you we’re all greedy corporate shills serving up swill. I’ve spent my successful pizza career ignoring people that thought they knew how everything should be and it’s worked out quite well. As far as I’m concerned, it’s my pizza and their oven and if there is no difference in quality than I’m on board. If I do not innovate the next guy will. I don’t want to charge 30 bucks for a pie, I don’t want a line out the door because it takes me 40 minutes to make a pizza and another 20 to hand write an order. I want to be efficient, convenient, fast. I want to give people more of their lives back to spend with family or however they seem fit and not an hour sitting in my lobby. I don’t want people to only come to my place on special occasions, I want people here 2-3 times a week. If you think those values are to the detriment of the business or society in general, than you can keep your idea of what society should be like. I want no part of it.

I wish you much success and peace.

Well, we can all agree that we have different goals and ways of getting there. And, of course, there is a middle-ground somewhere.
Walter is one end of the spectrum perhaps… and I just finished up 32 years with the other end- Domino’s.
There’s a sweet spot for all of us. For me, it’s someplace between being a $5.99 whore and Walter’s artisan pizza… but I’ll take a few side steps to get closer to Walter!

So this Paline company charges 6% royalty, 50k for the machine and 5k for install. I talked to them for a while, the last thing they mentioned was the royalty. Should have been the first thing they mentioned. On top of the CC fees, that’s a pretty sizable chunk out of every pie sold. As cool as I think it would be, I just don’t think my city would give me enough overnight business to make it worthwhile. Maybe in Eugene or Corvallis, college towns… but not Albany.

6% for doing … nothing. Um yeah

They’re trying to franchise their machines to make more money because how they’re setting them up, they’ll need it. I’ve been in talks with their competitor and will be the first owner of their machines in SF and no royalty fees. Better setup and more profitable to boot! Very excited and stay tuned!

Who is their competitor?

Curious if you ever went ahead with this purchase Joe? After a lot of buzz a few years ago, I haven’t heard much about any of these machines in awhile.

Investment is must to start up new business or try out new pizza vending machines.

They still haven’t been cleared for public use. I’ve been on this for 3+ years ready and waiting. It’s really going to depend on how the public perceives it. Could be boom or bust given the price vs a normal vending machine. Will keep you posted.

Joe- Who is the competitor ?

I have been in touch with a while ago, their machines also cost 50k but there is no royalties. At that time they were only selling in Europe but were planning to expand to the USA, it might be worth checking out