Pizza Warmer

Recommended middle of the road pizza slice warmer ??? Looking for suggestions. needing for new location dont want to pay an arm & a leg for one, but little hesitant about getting off ebay

We used Hatco warmers in our slice operation for 10 years. Still using one of them today 6 years after closing the slice location. The others that we sold with the equipment are still running too. They run about 2K new but I bought ours used for $500 each. don’t know how old they were when I bought them but I sure got my money’s worth. The humidity feature is key.


I’ve owned 4 different slice warmers and the Hatco was the best. The older Hatco units are not great as if you run out of water in the reservoir, the heating element continues to run and melt parts. Removable side glass panels make the current models easy to clean. The Bakemax warmer was the worst.
We are currently using Star warmers as they are the only ones I know of that can fit 22" pizzas. The Star are not bad but the side glass panels are not removable like the Hatco and the magnetic door seal peals off easily.

Do the pizza warmer users feel that the slices stay and taste better in the warmer instead of reheating in a table top deck oven. I currently have slices out on glass shelf and re heat in table top deck oven per order and was curious what a pizza warmer would do the the quality of the slices but don’t want to purchase one and not be satisfied.

I’m interested in that answer too Rico!

Yes, how long do you hold the slices in your slice warmer before they have to be retired, 2 hours?

“The humidity feature is key”

Yeah, that seems to be the issue that most people don’t understand.
I’ve never had/used one but am familiar with them.
I’ll got to a c-store and the slices will be good for HOURS- sometimes MANY hours!
It’s all about the heat and the humidity. I’d guess that you get what you pay for.
I also think that- regarding Rico’s question- the Hatco type of warmer can help with grab and go impulse “I have 7 seconds to grab something while my tank tops off”
If it’s slices that you grab, toss on the deck (probably a better slice, by the way), wait to heat- that’s a different customer, environment, etc.
That’s just my perception and, in this regard, mostly as a consumer.

Hatco is the best in my opinion.

George Mills

Oh my gosh they are freakin expensive UGH… cheapest one I found was $1500. Ok so what brand & model is just under hatco ??? I know I want it to be humidified I get that I found Gold Medal for $1100 and a Skymsen for $1000

I thought about not actually have the pizza on display but after it comes out of the oven to put the slices in slice bxs so the kids can just grab/pay & go

daisy: For slice sales why not just leave the pies on display on pizza trays and heat them up as they are ordered. That is how we do it here in Ohio and how we do it back home in NYC/NJ. I know in both places and NV, where we are heading soon to open a shop, there is a 4 hour rule in that the pies can sit up to 4 hours for reheat and after the 4 hours have to be thrown out. This way we can display a lot of different pizzas for sale as slices behind a plastic/glass sneeze guard. The only time I use my 18 rack proofer is to keep large to go orders warm in the boxes and to proof Sicilian pies in the steel pans and breads. Those table top warmers do not go with a NY style pizzeria.

I thought about that but thought it would be quicker service just to have it already packaged for grab/pay/go. Im going to keep looking around, just trying to keep cost down as Im moving into new location

Just picked one up off Ebay for $550 + $275 shipping.Any idea as to how good this model is anyone

[SIZE=5]Hatco Flav-r-savor FSDT-1X Humidified Hot Food Holding Dispaly 4 Tier Lighted[/SIZE]