Pizza Warmer

We are getting ready to do a street fair and sell slices. It is within our delivery area and are looking for a way to keep the pizza hot once we get them to our booth. I don’t think keeping them in a bag is going to work. Does anybody have a pizza warmer that they want to sell or any ideas on an inexpensive way to do this.




An insulated box large enough to hold the pies . . . . and a dozen solid bricks wrapped in 2 layers of HD foil. Place in pizza oven for 20 minutes to heat. Place bricks varefully into box, cover with towels or small blanket to insulate a little from direct heat. Pizza boxes on top, and there you go. A low tech warming box.

Be sure to insert a thermometer to guage when getting down to 140F or below. Refresh bricks in any heated source (except oil). Heck, a nearby friendly vendor might even recharge them fo you on their grill or oven.

Better yet, as the shop brings more fresh pizzas, they can also bring fresh brick heaters. Or you can find a warming cabinet on eBay.

Another source for obtaining this box would be a used pizza equipment place. That’s where I got mine. It’s 6 ft high and holds about 40 pizzas (that’s a guess). It runs off 110v ac and holds a temp of 180 degrees. $350 used is what I bought it for.


Thanks all for you input.


isn’t the box really heavy with all the bricks in it?

Only if you pick it up :slight_smile: I just leve mine where it is and open and close when I need to. I’ve used, for various applications, coolers, carboard box wrapped with a blanket, a double walled, insulated wooden box made just for this sort of application. Even a grill was used once.

Heck, put it on a table or equipment stand with casters to make it mobile.