Pizza Warmers

Whats going on everyone? I’m getting into the pizza biz again. I’m in the process of purchasing a well established carry out, delivery / soon to be 4 person seating spot (non-franchised). However, he doesnt do lunch and he doesnt do slices, but quality is superior.

I know if I boost the advertising and get lunch going I could easily get an extra $500-600 a day out of the joint.

I’m looking to get a Hatco pizza warmer. Any pros & cons on rotating vs non-rotating warmers?

Also, How long will a pizza last before I have to dump it if need be?

I have used both rotating and non-rotating. In the end I like the non-rotating better. One less thing to break. On the other hand, make sure the humidifier works. That makes a big difference in shelf life. If you are buying used, bring your own thermometer and turn the unit on and let it warm up and see what temp it holds. Don’t trust the built in thermometer.

We get well over an hour with acceptable quality but less time is better of course.

I’m a fan of room temp pies, displayed in a glass shelp & reheated, NYC style…

I second that. Walter

Our pizza stays fresh for about an hour.

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I guess depends a bit on how busy you plan to be. Never could have done it this way when I owned a slice place for 10 years. Way too slow. When we were really busy we did about 100-200 slices per hour.

You guys are fabulous. Thanks for the tips. Much appreciated.

Just wanted to add something to the conversation. If your slices are at room temperature, either in a glass container or out in open air, you have 4 hours to use them before you have to toss them (As per our health department). Personally I wouldn’t use anything after an hour or two because they don’t look the same.

Not sure if that 4 hours changes if you are using a warmer.