pizza white sauce please

Does anyone have a good white sauce to use on pizza instead of tomato sauce?

I use ranch dressing on a few of my pizzas and the customers love it.

24 oz ranch dressing
4 oz chopped garlic

We Have a few Ranch dressing, alfredo sauce or Garlic butter They all go well with certain ingrediants. I find The ranch goes good with things like Bacon, ham, most veggies and beef, the Alfredo works well with chicken, and the garlic butter with pretty much anything


Neither have the posters here Lawizardpa. They are talking about what sauce people use for a white pizza. What have you run across in your 38 years that you might suggest for Anson to try? All of the suggestions above sound really good, and I am personally looking forward to trying them! Thanks for great ideas!

Thanks for the ideas! I can’t wait to get in the store and try new creations.

Here’s a twist - we use Ken’s Vidalia Onion Dressing…awesome

I also use Italian dressing on one of my pizzas. The mediteranian flavor goes great with feta cheese.

I have had good results with a 50/50 alfredo sauce/mayonaise mixture. The mayo gives a little tang to the overall flavor. Goes great with Chicken and bacon.

How about good 'ol Garlic & Oil brushed on the dough then ricotta spread around, dash of oregano, motz, parm… bada bing

See, THAT’s what I consider a classic kind of “white pizza” - but that is DIFFERENT than a “white pizza sauce”.

I have a modified “white pizza” on my menu, that simply has a special name (it’s named after my wife, who likes it), certain toppings, and is done like St. Vito said - garlic, EVOO, Ricotta, etc.

The white SAUCE pizza is what more people are thinking of these days - having been exposed to it by the big chains. And I too am going to create something based probably on ranch, for a chicken based combo.


I personally cant afford even to try and compete with the “big chains”… I sell my pies for twice what they do, so i would be shooting myself in the foot to try and copy one of their “white sauces”… my mentality is that we are in a different league, am i wrong?

I don’t mean to compete with them by copying them. Quite the reverse - I do as many little things DIFFERENTLY as I can - when different is BETTER.

But I have had a lot of requests for a white sauce pizza, and am planning to add something. As soon as I get the time to fiddle with some ingredients and come up with my own version of one.

why can’t you afford to compete with the chains? They pay a premium on their lower quality food because they get it through a commisary. They pay towards almost worthless national advertising that brings us all business when the comercials run. Why is it that you need to charge double and can’t take advantage of new products that they advertise?

Maybe it is more of a “I cant compete with the big chains because my product is better and therefore I have to charge more” then I cant compete because their prices are lower

They pay towards almost worthless national advertising that brings us all business when the comercials run. quote]

Why do you think they spend so much on advertising? Its not because it doesnt work!