PizzaCloud Outage

Were you affected? We had issues with calls dropping mid call, then not ringing into store. At times, the customer side wouldn’t ring either.

Anyone else? I know of a few people who were affected by text, but I wasn’t sure if this was a widespread issue or more of a regional thing

I’m in central California. Our phones were working intermittently( more off than on) for about an hour. 2 locations.

We’re on the east coast so it sounds like it’s a nationwide thing, unfortunately.

Definitely had major pizza cloud issues today.

we were down along with at least 5 others I recommended PizzaCloud for about 2 hours (4 east coast & 1 west coast). One of the guys finally got through and was told it was a nationwide outage and that the calls could not get forwarded to cell phone since the calls never got to PC…they were told the issue was from their call pipeline (who the hell knows)

It was the same with me. It was slow an for a short time.