Pizzaguy did you get a bump in cheese price

Did you get a bump in cheese prices? I took a hit on everything but the mozza on my last order.

Funny thing is I blend a full fat and a part skim the full fat went up .07 a kg and the part skim stayed the same no other prices changed for me.

who is your supplier

Eberhardt food out of Edmonton

I checked with some of the others here and every body got hit on some but not all. Sysco BB and Suputo all did different products

My prices are all going up on Monday to compensate for the cheese prices and also the extra labor cost I have had to over the last year. Things must be changing a bit though I have had about 20 resumes dropped off in the last month! I can actually be a lot pickier about who I hire.

But they still want patch wages.

You know its funny I fired 2 people last week and hired 2 good ones and only had to pay 8 per I didnt know what I would have to offer to get them but the one girl said she had brought resumes to 12-13 places and thought she would find something right aways but I was the first with fulltime hours all the rest were only part time so I low balled her and she took it same with the other fellow I hired. Part of the reason I dumped the other 2 was because I had a better gene pool to draw from now!

I do not know about ya’ll in Canada, here in the US, my supplier, Roma in AZ, using the Merc prices to change there prices, on link below…
those prices have risen about 13% since last fall,

If you’re using Roma, which is a great choice by the way, go to this website:

I would have assumed that your website and this would have been the same, but they’re off a penny. Anyway, whatever the market closes at today(the week’s avg.), Roma will be using this as a “market price” the week of the 19th -23rd. This applies to MOST cheeses, but not all, like Grande for example uses a different market(?). Always a week lag time.

Unfortunately, we will never pin our suppliers to a cheese price, as the market is always changing.

This website does have a link, it’s towards the top right of the home page. It is also accurate, as of today, and any other day I’ve checked. Here’s a link to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange spot cheese prices:

Anyhow these guys in Canada are not dealing with cheese prices the same way we do. I believe I recall one of the Canadiens on this site saying the government sets the price.

Here is a website that gives the Canadin view

Pretty eye opening website Daddio. I also checked out the Canadian Dairy Commision website. Just goes to show what happens when govenment gets too involved in our lives. Here’s a quote from the CDC website…

“Once a year, the CDC sets the support price of butter and skim milk powder following consultations with industry stakeholders.”

My question is who are the stakeholders? I would bet that they are not consulting with the pizza shops or consumers who are using the products. Not that the US gov’t and our Dept od Agriculture do a good job, but this seems absurd.

I also think it’s absurd that the pricing in our country is based on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange where less than 2% of the cheese produced here is exchanged. Leaves the door wide open for Dairy Farmers of America to fraudulently manipulate the market to their liking. Then they have the balls to rent a booth at Pizza Expo and rub it in our face.

Now that I’ve bored everyone to sleep with this rant, Have a profitable weekend!