How are your scales working out? I got the info you sent. Which one did you go with?

The scales are doing great as far as I have used them for doing all my food costs. I now am working on getting them on the make table so things will flow properly. My problem is I am also in the middle of opening a video store so I have been slacking off on the layout for where the scales will go. I thought I would just put them on the table but they were getting in the way of some of the toppings and the power cord was in the way as well. I think I have it figured out how I will set it up but just havent had the time to finish. While we were figuring everything out though my staff realized how much extra we were puting on all the pizzas and just haveing the scale on the table for a couple of days has made them watch the portions much closer. I think when they saw the difference an ounce can make it surprised them.I went with the avery 6115 they are great!