Pizzaiolo Pay

I am opening a Neapolitan style pizzeria and will be one pizzaiolo. What can I expect to pay my second pizzaiolo in a mid-sized city?

any ideas on where I can recruit one?



there are variables, where are you, what’s the market there, profit margins, effectiveness of pizzaiola, etc.

Ummmm…huh? :roll: I am lost here.

Hey Otis…this is refireddreams from the other board.


I believe shack is asking how much to pay someone to help him make pizza and where he can find one.

At least thats how I read it.


How much does a pizzaiolo make in a city of 500,000? 40 hr work week, but I’m talking per hour - before overtime.

Anyplace especially good to start looking to find one in the Rockies?



i am about 3101 away from being with big 3 cause i did not open yet i just love that 3100 away it made me laugh all day :lol:

are you running the store by yourself ?how many more people work if he is going to be running the show while you are gone how much that is worth ? 9 per hour 10 in that range at least unless you have other employees i mean it all depends on your sales what kind of sales are you prejecting ? is he going to be working alone or with others give us some more details ty

I was planning on $10-$12/hr for the pizzaiolo - small sitdown place so one pizzaiolo plus cold salad/antipasto prep person, 2-3 waitstaff, and dishwasher.

Now I just need to find a pizzaiolo. Not a lot here in the mountains…


i would think it would cost you a couple bucks more an hour that just calling him a pizza guy :wink:

It’s a Neapolitan thing - doesn’t show up in the paycheck… :lol:

Where I come from 500,000 folks blows wayyyyyy past mid-sized into really big. I pay my main pizza guy 9.50 an hour in our market of 2500 delivery and growing number of dine-in and pick-up . … maybe potential 4000 population base if we really stretch the service area out. He gives us a reliable young man who knows what he’s doing and can run pizzas by himself most days . . . plus knows the wings, salads, sandwiches and prep-work. outstanding young man who I hope retires with us . . . it scares me to think about replacing him. That’s why we pay him well.

Bwahahaha…yeah I have 6 pizza guys. (Well girls) :slight_smile:

Shack,1st try local papers then go to and put a help wanted in there be sure to say exp.only and you’ll have to pay a true pizzaiole at least 15.00 an hour.


Try it’s free.

It has worked for me. Hope this suggestion is helpful to you.