Whoaaaaa!!! I just saw a post from you today. I thought you’d slipped off the face of the earth or something. What’s going on with you and how’s the new place coming along? Are you operational yet?


Hi j_r0kk,

 I am alive and well!  The construction of my place is moving along at a pretty good pace right now, but it sure has had it's share of problems!!!  I have had trouble with the Architect, Municipality, and believe it or not the Contractor!  It is funny how everyone expects total professionalism (which I try to deliver) from a food establishment with a bill of goods around twenty bucks, but then you get these University educated "Professionals" that charge from about $80,000 and up are anything but!!!  The biggest problem was the Contractor trying to run away with a tad over $200,000.  The steel framers were super slow as well, my building is only about 11,000 square feet and it has taken them two months to frame it!!!???  The beams and I joist are all set now, and the roof decking is in place so we should be a "shell" pretty soon."  It looks like I will be opening in October or November.  I guess the delays are not a total waste though because I just keep refining the definition of my business more and more.  

 I still check in here from time to time, but sadly I have gotten too busy to be a day to day part of the forum for right now.  I am really looking forward to getting open, getting all the bugs worked out of operations, and hopefully becoming a regular on the forum again.  I miss it, and you guys as well!  I hope everyone is doing fantastic!

Take care,
AKA David