Pizzamaster Ovens

Hey everyone, I am looking at upgrading to a triple stack of Pizzamaster ovens and I am wondering if any of you here currently run them or have used them in the past.

For those who havent seen them heres a link of the oven I am thinking of purchasing

This name has come up before…You might want to search the archives…

We’ve been using one for 2 years. Awesome oven. No problems to date.

My local Whole Foods has Pizza Masters. The pizza is pretty good and the crust is crispy with a slight burned taste at times. Overall it is a pretty good pizza. At times they have an hour wait to get pizzas. They charge 20.00 for two 16 inch pizzas. Amazon is now competing with pizzerias. Gavin, do you get that slightly burned taste in your crust?

If you say “slightly burned”, you must deduct $2 from the price, but if you say “charred to perfection” you can add $2.50