Simple question, has anybody here used them?

My top oven failed today, a little trouble shooting isolated the problem to the centrifugal switch on the burner blower motor. Although it appears to be an add on to the motor I can not find any info on servicing it and every reference I see says if the switch fails replace the motor. The motor costs in the $300-$450 range everywhere you look at it except at which lists it for $150.00.

So, have I found the holy grail of oven parts? Ordering on-line is not an issue because I have a motor avail I can “borrow” until this one comes in but wanted to check and see if anybody here knew of these guys.


edit: just saw it on Amazon for $185.00 and $432.00 this is crazy!

So I went to the house and started into the extra oven, the blower motor and control circuits inthe panel are different enough that it would require extensive change out of controls to make it work so I went ahead and pulled the trigger on a new one from these guys, I will report back on how the transaction goes because he seems to have very good prices.

I have used a couple of times, great prices and parts arrived when promised.

The motor came in today and I am quite happy with the whole deal. It is the same as the original and the oven is up and running. Jonathan was great to work with, we had a couple of issues with payment because they had done some website maintenance and a glitch happened with my payment. We got everything worked out and the motor arrived when I needed it. :smiley:


I used them, saved some money and was happy