Pizzeria Bianco

Has anyone personally been to Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix Arizona?
A 2 hour wait every night for your choice of 6 specialty pizzas?
No lunch hours, no pepperoni, no wings, no sandwiches…man, sure seems like he’s got it figured out!

Haven’t been to Bianco’s really wanna go, its not just specialty pizza. The guy is the only pizza maker in the county with a James Beard award, its about how much he truly cares about making pizza his way. I have been to Una Pizza Napoletana in NYC and there was a line clear around the block for four pizzas. The stuff was pretty good pie too! I think people are just getting into a whole new style of pie.

I haven’t been either. Although I’m sure the pizza is terrific, there is also a huge hype factor surrounding this place. I come from another industry–craft beer–that, if anything, suffers from an even greater overload of hype. On the internet beer sites there’s perhaps a dozen or 2 breweries that receive attention and adulation out of all proportion to the beer quality. Again, I’m sure the beers are top-notch, it’s just the frenzy about them that gets extreme. I’ve seen statements like “Brewer X is a God”, people driving 1000 miles to buy a few bottles of a limited release, single bottles on ebay selling for $100s, etc.

That said, if we could only figure out how to spin some of that hype for ourselves our bottom lines would be nicer…

I went there about four years ago. I did wait a long time to get before I actually took my first bite of pizza. There was a long line about an hour before it opened and it was about four total hours of waiting (this was a weekday). The problem with waiting that long is that your expectations keep growing with every minute that you are waiting.
That being said, the pizza was good. But was it that much better, my wife and I didn’t think so.

I think what is so great is the whole experience. The buildings (the wine bar/appetizer building next to the pizzeria was very cool), the weather, the historic district it’s located in, the freshness of the food, the obvious passion, and even Chris Bianco was very approachable and polite. It was definitely an institution and everyone seemed to know everything about Chris and the business. They just treated people well and gave them a “total” experience.