pizzeria making real dough $!

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Re: pizzeria making rel dough $!

This happened a few months ago to a guy around the corner from me.


Re: pizzeria making rel dough $!


I just drove through your town and wondered where you were positioned?

When I passed the freeway, the town really seemed to be centered right near the freeway and not much away from it. I did notice some newer developed houses on the north east section of town.

As for grocery stores, I only saw one from the road, is that where you hang your hat?

Have you considered trying slice selling outside the major gas stations? I am sure the owners might work somthing out and you could sell pretty nicely?

We stopped for gas on the border, right there on the Pilot station that had a Wendy’s and a motel next to it.

Re: pizzeria making rel dough $!

handling fire works and pizza that is poisening