"Pizzeria sales builder" program??

I clicked on the “pizzeriasalesbuilder.com” website advertised in the PMQ but before I send my info for their “free” marketing CD kit I was wondering if anyone else has gotten it and has any comments on it. I am leery of “free”…and especially leery of getting hooked into something that then keeps pounding me and calling me for sales.

Looks like it may be a way to get your info, check out the link attached and go to the bottom of the page. They want you to join at a cost of $97.00 per month. https://www.pizzeriasalesbuilder.com/order/ I am not saying this program has no value because I have no experience with it, but it looks suspicious.

I received the free cd from them and it was very informative. While yes they do say the membership is $97.00 you have the option of canceling the membership within 30 days before they actually charge you which I did.