Considering starting a pizzeria. :idea: 24 seats in a 1500 square foot interior space strip mall, Normal pizzeria menu.
$10K/month operating costs. What should average sales expectations be to cover operating costs and ingredients?


Thats like asking “whats the meaning of life?”
Since you appear to know your expenses, why don’t you start with a breakeven analysis and a business plan.
A nice benchmark for food cost % + labor cost % is 60% of sales. So make sure you construct a careful schedule, and meticulously cost out a well thought out menu. Make sure you can hit those benchmark #s!

If you have specific food cost or labor questions, search these boards. i’m sure all your questions have been answered previously. But dont hesitate to post your specific question, like “how do i calculate the cost of a BIB fountain soda?”.

Build this thing from the bottom up, not the top down, or you won’t know what to fix when (and they WILL) don’t go as expected.

Thank you.
I know the question was very broad. What is a good base population (average) for $300k in sales with a good consitent product. Another broad question.