What the hell is wrong with people? :evil:

I got a private tank message from I guy that owns a shop about 15 miles from mine. I said he’s been to my shop and has learned a lot from me. So I looked him up…
He should have said: I copied a lot from you!!!
He copied and pasted word for word the text from my website. All he did was add the word sub.

I replied: I’m giving you till February 6, 2010 to remove all the material that was copied from me or you will hear from my attorney.

definition is: … arism.html

Wow, that is blatant in your face plagiarism. :shock:

and pizza07… good post :roll: we were all wondering what the definition is…


I wasn’t trying to be cute…

This can be an extremely difficult problem - if publications aren’t copyrighted or trademarked. Plagiarism only affects academics.

I am experiencing the same situation. There is a struggling restaurant not far from me that copies just about everything I do. I constantly hear from our guests that they overhear the staff talk about what we are doing and that they should do this or that. But that it insane man, you have plenty of grounds in my opinion to go after them. Good luck.


Yeah, I also have 2 other shops near mine that copy me like crazy. Within days of my Facebook going up they did the same and copied a lot of my contest ideas. But this guy copied and pasted exactly what I wrote! What BS, at least change it up a bit. He’s not a competitor, but what if I open my next store near him. then I look like the A$$.

He must have already changed it, because I don’t see where he copied it. Good for you, the threat worked and you didn’t have to get your lawyer involved.
I’m not sure why anyone would copy a place that’s so geographically close to them. If I was going to copy (not that I would), I wouldn’t do it off a direct competitor’s page.

Looks like its been changed in the last few hours. The first time I looked approx 7 hours ago, there was at least a paragraph what was identical on both sites.

You guys are not going to believe this one. This bar in S.C. has copied not only my name, but my email blast by using constant contact, a lot of my menu structure as well as the overall feel from my website. The offer free Wi-Fi, hand battered chicken fingers, The stole my “real deal” cheese steak description. The place is called Hannah Banana’s Sunshine Cabana. It’s obvious they goggled or searched the name and stumbled onto my site because I occupy most of the top spots on Google and then took all of my ideas, including the animated sun on the front page lol . When I get the emails I reply with questions on who came up with all the ideas, but I never get a response. I know I should be flattered, but it’s hard to think that someone would just flat out copy just about everything you do! Oh well.


He appoligized in a PM. I checked and he did pull it down. It was 2 direct paragraphs from my website.
They say imitation is the highest form of flattery but I had to sit down and write my site and he should have done the same.

Npizza you are right when you state “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. We had a driver that copied all our recipes, posted our exact menu word for word on his menu board, and bought all the exact same ingredients from our vendor. He even came and tried to recruit some of our managers to work for him so that he could reproduce our dough exactly. He opened his place only 8 miles up the road and we shared some common delivery area. We were really ticked off for awhile and felt that people might think we were copying him. But our greatest satisfaction came when he closed his doors and went out of business after a couple of years. It seems that you can copy what’s on the outside, but the true heart of your business is what’s on the inside and that’s the one that will last – not the imitation ones.

Although not to say that we don’t check out ya’lls websites, menus, etc. to get ideas from time to time :lol:

Let’s face it,with maybe the exception of the first pizza ever made we have all copied,used or added something to an idea or recipe that we have gotten from someone else down the line. But its agreed that flat out copying someone doesn’t make us unique it makes you a carbon copy.

I would not even give “the dough doctor” my dough recipe for any reason for fear that it may get copied. When you have something unique, or you put a lot of thought into something the last you want is for someone to copy it.
Glad to see that it all worked out for you. Just keep an eye on this guy!