plain white corrugated pizza boxes

where can I get the above for 14" and 20" pizzas
I prefer the thicker B fluted over the thinner E fluted

I am going to stamp my name and phone number on them


Otis where did you come up with a stamp and what type of Ink or Paint are you using ?

Hey Otis… Long time no chat :slight_smile: I’d check out some of the box companies and see what they can do for you…Our boxes come from a company called Holly and their plate charge is fairly inexpensive.

I couldn’t imagine how painful, stamping boxes yourself would be. I personally say try to save money in other areas but get these professionally done. Its really not that expensive.


  • Rob

Otis, if you’re still in Georgia, try Star Pizza Box out of Lakeland, Florida I believe. They should be able to help you while on this coast.

Re: stamp

bought it online, office supply place that specializesd in stamps,
got their largest approx 3.5 x 1.5", self inking, about $17 shipped,

looks classy, larger would be better, this is OK for now


Re: stamp

Hey Otis, do you have a website for that place?
Tom R

That is such a cool idea! I designed a stamp to put on these really cool brown bags that have a little window. It was to put fresh made potato chips in.
You could get your local hobby stamp store to customize a stamp for you. That’s how I got ours done. It’s so retro looking!
And, it isn’t painful to do at all! The staff loved doing it when it gets slow and they’ve done all the prep and moped the floor a gagillion times already.
Sorry, can’t help you to locate where to get the boxes… but you could consider using recycled corrugated boxes… that are brown, that would look super awesome!
(sorry for the lingo, I’m not 12! Just excited!)

Ellehcimeo-Do you sell fresh made potato chips out of your store pizza shop? Thats an awsome idea!

We did sell fresh made chips out of our twinned pizza and chicken restaurants. Unfortunately, they didn’t sell very well. But the bag I designed won a couple of design awards. :slight_smile: