Planning our 1st School Night

Any chance anyone is willing to email me a flyer model to work with for this thing? We got some good ideas to include, but want to see one that has survived “contact with the enemy” and been successful. We’ve read a ton of good ideas in the archives from people on how to make these successful and simpler. We’re drawing up documents to pitch the idea to the school and developing the flyers.

We’re planning on two schools nearby in a two week period. I’m skittish about reaching too far too fast as we just last week lost a cook and our driver that’s been with us since we started I figure if the 1st promo goes off well, then we can hit 4 schools within range (a couple in neighboring counties) and see if they are successes and worth repeating. A Monthly “Grantville Gators” night could generate quite some buzz.

What’s the farthest away you would consider reaching for a school night. We got 4 elementary schools within 12 miles, and that’s it. I know we have local customers’ kids going to middle and high schools in the next big town.

Schools but no bank? Got to love the small town life.

I have just made arrangements to have a Daddio’s Dollar printed in the news letter of each of the 4 schools that are within 6 blocks of my store. For each Daddio’s Dollar that comes in I will give the school $2 toward the parents associations fund. They must spend $15 minimum and pickup their order or pay a delivery fee (yes I still have FREE delivery).

The possibility of having the dollar copied is great but I will have the students print their name on them for a draw. If I get too many from the same students then I may have to take some kind of action but I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

This promotion sound really interesting. I’m curious about what your doing. Could you explain the whole thing?

Rather than take a bunch of space retyping (because I type really, really slowly and poorly anyway), I’ll give you the link to some of what I am using for source material. It is all suggestions I’ve gathered from the assembled wisdom here on the Think Tank . . . and from WA Dave, who has no real wisdom to speak of. (nuthin but love, Dave :smiley: ) … hool+night

Basics are that I’m approaching the school, sending a flyer home a week before and day of promotion date, and donating 20% of gross sales on the target date(s) back to the school for their programming and use. If all goes well, the sales should bump a good bit higher on the promotion date(s). To ensure interest, I’m also including a pizza party for the class who has the most flyers returned/mentioned when orders are made.

Maybe something else for second place . . . . or a drawing for something for the classroom with one entry into the pot for each order made by the class.

No it’s not !!! The real reason is for Nick to get into school for just a couple of cheap pizzas so he can learn to type better and faster so he won’t have to get his lovely wife Kim to do it.

He just wants us all to think that he is doing something for the school community.

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sent you an email with what we use



So, I got this response about a new policy in the County:

Please forward this on to the Sasso’s. The school system has gotten
stricter with how we go about doing Spirit Nights. We can do this, but
we can’t make the copies as its public funds (taxpayer monies) being
used to help solicit patrons for a business. In order to do this, the
Sasso’s will have to make the flyers & we can distribute.

I’m gonna bump back the percentage from 15% to 20% and keep going forward. I can understand the policy, though I think I disagree with it.

RETURNS on First night of 2-night venture.

We planned the 2-day event to start on Open House night since parents would be in town meeting teachers anyway. Suggestion from Teacher contact sounded good. Turns out several customers reported feeling rushed to get to the Open House, but were glad to make it to our shop.

300+ Flyers printed Returned: 21 so far gross sales bump: 40%+

Tomorrow night will be the finale. I have sent totals to teacher sponsor for the night, giving total sales and the projected Donation to Library Book Fund of $51.83 so far. I hope this can spawn some zeal for tomorrow.

That all said, we had a sales record for a Tuesday that is not a “Closing Night” (when we lost our lease and got waxed). We had an extra cook and a server in place for the surge, and we worked it admirably. We also scored 4 new customers tonight, plus teachers ordering for possibly the 1st time.

Total success for 1st night, and looking forward to tomorrow night. Gotta beat last week’s Wed for 2007 record . . . and about 10% over tonight to get all-time Wednesday. We have a good shot since Wed has been averaging 18% higher than Tues in general.

Great sales results - onwards and upwards.

But did the teachers teach you how to type ??? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Nick,not sure if this is what your actually looking for but here is a thread from Mr. J Rocc that is worded very nicely I must say.And yes I used it and it has worked.Thank you Jrocc…lol

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We used something very, very similar that we put together using his model. We tried to follow his plan, but our school only sends papers home on Fridays, so we lost that element of the marketing of the thing. Maybe next time we can do the double flyer thing, and get the attention of the parents. It’s up to the school and teachers to make that part work.

It still looks like we will pony up about $150 to $200 to the school for the effort. That should encourage them enough to try it again doing it the way we suggested.