Planning to buy

kinda the hardest decision most of us have to make… or at least the most expensive…with no recourse… i liked food-tech 1st but they didn’t call me back bc im small, actually a little insulting… Then revention…but mebbe need to call the mothership to reprogram?.. then…you start to remember you REALLY NEED SUPPORT… hmmmm.

POS has an amazing forum/following… AND LET

but im starting to listen to bodega. prism seems nice. and id like to go skiing in colorado ;D (hinthint $3/hr/WITH A PASS :slight_smile:

I tell ya it’s hard no matter what i do bc they ALL want to sell u the hardware AND the software… not work with me when i own a bunch of touch-screens and printers…

I think eupher said it earlier—show pricing----I couldn’t afford to go this year. I WILL take a couple of the boys/girls next year. and at least give this pos problem a go for its money.

SOFTWARE people–meh. whether i went to vegas or not…pay attention. im buying something this year. want it to be your software cd thats already written? or someone elses?–bout

bc it came out poorly earlier…(edit) POS the company is in my top three software companies to use in 2012 blablabla :smiley:

I have never had any problems buying my own touchscreens and the last printers I bought I also sourced elsewhere. If you go with Prism, just tell them you have the touchscreens. They may tell you that the screens would not be under warranty but I do not see why that would stop a deal.

If you end up calling them, I have really liked working with Michael Anthony for years.

Since things have changed, and at least for now I will not be opening a restaurant at all, I will say this. POS looks good, but having to do all the setup myself put a huge crimp in the attraction. Also, to get all the features of one of the others (FoodTec or Revention or PDQ, for example) you have to pay a lot more than the basic $600 or so package. The price difference was a lot less with all those things considered. Add in the self-programming and I just couldn’t justify POS.

That said, I think FoodTec would have been it. That store would have been in a small town, rural area, with few easy ways to define a delivery area. FoodTec’s mapping would have made that a snap; and, given all the many positive similarities among those 3, it came down to that==the delivery mapping. It had to be something, right?

Hey, anyone want to back a restaurant outside of St Louis? My financial partner backed out for various personal reasons, but success of the business was very low in that decision. I’ve got a good location, plans, contacts…

:mrgreen: Can’t hurt to ask…


I recommend going with POS Pizza. It is a great starter system, and you can get it up and running with a very low investment. Do 2-3 database mailers, and it pays for itself. 24 Hour support is way over rated. Having a system in place to handle a computer outage is a far better plan than having a support package that ties you up on the phone trying to diagnose what is wrong in the middle of your dinner rush.

With your first POS, you are going to make mistakes. Investing $1000 in a system is a far better choice to make a mistake with. It will also give you an idea of what you need/want from a system. If you never use some features on a cheap system, you aren’t going to use them on a $20,000 system. I regularly see the very features that POS companies use as selling points go completely unused.

I know it’s got to be a concern, but please don’t let a relative lack of computer savy hold you back from keeping Point Of Success as a strong contender in your search. I was lucky in having a son who was pretty darned handy with putting all the wires in the right places, but other than that…ANYONE can learn to build the menu in an hour or two. It really is that easy. After the basic knowledge is there your inputting time is only going to be determined by how intense your menu is.

We run a full-service, full-menu restaurant on it and have for over 2 years now with no hiccups. I’m no bespeckled computer nerd and even I figured out how to build our menu and currently do all the changes and edits.

God Bless those shops that can invest $15,000+ in a system, I really really do envy them, but if you are not in that financial position it would make sense to me to look seriously at an entry level priced system and save that cash for a rainy day, because that day is going to come. Best of luck in your searching!!

For waht it’s worth, even fromhere in Australia, going with a system like Point of Success is a breeze and the best entry level system.
We went with a similar type operation here but they installed the menu and we adjusted the layout, prices, deals etc, not to mention adding new lines, deals.
I m not computer illiterate nor am I great, just a medium everyday average user, but I have managed easily and fix any problems now in seconds.
These type of systems are set up for my types and are they way to go, plus the price is right.