Plastic mesh box liners

We previously used Crust Saver plastic mesh insert for bottom of pizza box that kept pizza crispy and not soggy. This product is no longer available to us. Are there any other plastic mesh like products out there? Any other suggestions? We ordered samples of Perfect Crust product.

I used to use those as well…I am saving alot of money with a product that is referred to as pizza pads (used to be referred to as ripple sheets, pizza inserts, etc). It’s basically the unfaced portion of a corrugated circle. I see you are from NY so I would try WB Mason although they are somewhat unreliable. I have convinced one of my vendors to stock them and I am saving even more now.

We use prefect crust. Little pricey, but they work. I’ve seen some people say they use the small liner for both large and small pies to save Couple bux…

Here you go

Email me and I’ll send you a free case of Perfect Crust Pizza Liners.

I am biased…but Pizza Savor works.