Plastic Pizza?

I wonder if anyone can help me here…

I’m organising a summer fund raiser for my childrens school. We have lots of games etc and as well as working as a parent supporter on this I’ve also previously supplied staff/prizes etc from my shop to help out.

This year someone has suggested i should do a pizza themed stall - so I’m looking for some plastic pizza’s to use on one of the stalls - basically I can use them for any kind of a throw pizza and hit/land it on something to win a prize.

Anyone done similar or have any suggestions where to get plastic pizza’s from.

What about buying some cheap frisbees and having a printer print a picture of a pizza on them?

You might want to give oriental trading a try, they always seem to have all kinds of different stuff. Good luck!

Or just get some Domino’s super specials.

They taste like plastic. :lol:


You could wrap a big hula hoop with fuzzy cloth and then make velcro toppings and the kids can make a pizza by throwing the toppings.

try this