Plate Charges: Custom Boxes

Can anyone provide me with a “ballpark” figure of what I can expect to pay for plate charges in-order to print custom boxes with our logo on them?

Also, other than Star Pizza Boxes are there any other companys out there that one wouel reccomend calling.

We paid about $900 for four different sizes. My sales rep told me the manufacturer absorbed half the cost – for whatever that is worth.

Can double check the number when I get in the store today.

The only reference I have is C$250.00 for a 12" 2 colour box…A client told me this is what they paid…

In St Louis, we have a couple of local guys who have new ink jet printers that they are using to do boxes. I paid $55 for my set up charge.
Might check the local guys in your area. Technology changes everything everyday!

I paid 125 per plate (2 color so 250 per box)
our 18 has there own plates 14 and 12 share a plate and 10 and 7 share a plate


My supplier waived the fee because of my volume.

never paid one yet…we just switched to a new supplier and he came back with a plate charge of $600…laughed at the guy and told him we never paid one ever…they ended up doing it for free

Besides the plate charges, How much are you guys paying for your printed logo boxes compared to a plain un printed box?



star is actually less than all my other suppliers…save about 3.00 a case
Presto who wants more of my business came in a couple days ago and said they would wave my plate charges if we wanted to buy through them, little investigating and they use star…duh they already have the plates. I may still go with them because of storage issues


What is included in everyone’s prices here?

At the price you are getting, do you have to take the full order at once?

i was getting 2 color custom B-flute with USFOOD (they warehoused them as I needed them)
18"=$24.50 14"=$19 10"=$16.80
new company = $20.98, $15.55, $11.65 they also warehouse them but I need to pay in full ahead of time and they send them out as needed
was getting the same prices as my new supplier with AVCO but they sent me E-flute that did not hold up well so we switched

It may be different in your area, but the box manufacturers will not talk to me directly. Instead, I must go through my distributor (US foods) to work with Star or Bayline. I order through my distributor, box mfg. ships them to my disty’s warehouse, and my disty brings them to me.

currantly we have to store them, but presto said they would if I ordered from them

We never paid anything towards the setup of our boxes. We do 16inch boxes custom printed with our logo, phone number etc…its only a dollar more per bundle…big deal…its great advertising. maybe your market is smaller but here in NY almost anyone will give you custom boxes with not charge for anything. on another note…most linen companies will do the same with mats. Logo mats look great and cost 3-6$ a week. cintas did a free setup for us.

10" $13.76 12" $17.05 14" $21.01 16" $24.94

2" tall kraft boxes, 2 color

Boxes are stored and billed when delivered.

typical plate charge range from $200- $300 from 7" to 16"…I won’t pay any more than that. The vendor rarely makes money from these plates.

The ink jet is a very interesting method. I’ve never heard that before. I wonder how the quality looks and if only certain type of boxes can be used.

logo mats look great . we have had ours done from cintas for the last 5 years. boxes are custom printed from a local distributor … 16"-- 22.95/50 14" 16.95/50 9x9x 2.5 cor wing boxes – 14.95/50 18"x 26"–21.95/ 25. all 2 color B flute.