plates and napkins

what’s everyones thoughts about handing out paper plates and napkins to customers with their to go orders? What if they order 10 pizzas and want enough plates to feed the masses? do you add the cost into the pizza order or just give it to them and thank them for their order?

Also…GO NINERS!!! we are gonna be slammed! can’t wait!!!


We have them but only give them to customers that ask for them and we do not charge because I can count on one hand the people that have asked. Most common request is from the police officer on patrol. Not sure if this helps with your situation…oh yeah GO COWBOYS!!! ooops they will be watching the BIG GAME like the rest of us…:frowning:

We have them and bundle them in groups of 6 plates and 6 napkins in a 1 gallon ziplock bag(credit to Big Dave for this idea). We ask our carryout customers if they need plates and napkins and we bring them with all hotel and business deliveries, 1 bag per pizza. If someone orders a bunch of pizzas I use a “grocery” style bag and put a bunch of plates and napkins in. I probably spend $20 per week on these and I know how much some of the customers appreciate that we have them.

We give ours to the people in the hotels, and to the carry out customers that ask.

“What if they order 10 pizzas and want enough plates to feed the masses”

Seriously? I don’t know about you… but I like customers that order 10 pies at a time and I give them what they need!

If they order food for masses I will give them plates, napkins, parm & red pepper etc… for the masses.

Spend more time focusing on how to get more 10 pie orders and less on trivia. You will live longer!

If I could have it my way I would ONLY do orders of at least 10 pies. :stuck_out_tongue: